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Tips On Tie & Scarf Care

How To Care For Your Hat

When Purchasing a Hat

How to Tie A Bow Tie


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Tips on Tie and scarf care

• Don’t leave the tie or scarf knotted, it ruins the shape

• Don’t slide know out, undo it. Saves wear.

• Don’t keep ties in drawer, hanging them eases out the wrinkles.

• Don’t tuck in waistband, it causes fiber breaks.

• Don’t tear loose threads, it may be slipstitch or hem.

• Don’t use cologne or perfume on ties or scarves, it takes the color out.

• Don’t press on face of ties or scarves, it will cause shine.

• Don’t rub on stains, it bruises the fibers.

• Don’t choke the knot, it twists the lining.

• Clean ties and scarves periodically, don’t wait for stains.

• Don’t use water on ties or scarves without testing for bleeding color.


How to Care For Your Hat

I visited San Francisco’s oldest haberdashery, Cable Car Clothiers, to meet with the proprietor, Jonathan Levin and to get some tips on men’s hats and hat care. He shared the following based upon the stores 74 years of history in hats and menswear.

• When putting on a hat or adjusting it, handle it by the front and back brim, never by the crown.

• Do not pick up a hat/fedora by the pinch; it will misshape it over time. A straw fedora will crack and a felt hat may split the seam.

• Touch your hat with clean hands; oils from your hands may stain a light hat

• Always hang a hat. If no hook is available store it by inverting it and placing it on its crown. Placing a hat on its brim may flatten or cause a hat to loose its curve, especially if wet.

• Do not leave a hat in a car or in the sun as humidity may cause any hat material to lose shape, shrink or distort.

• Hats of any material may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causing colors to fade.

• Brush your hat periodically with a soft brush.


When Purchasing A Hat

• Seek out a quality hat store where someone with experience can guide you through the options that most compliment your complexion, shape of your face and needs.

• Look for hats that have a specific size and avoid S, M, L, XL for the best fit and comfort.

• Sizing will vary by manufacturer and even among the same hats. So, don’t rely upon the tag size. Only trying on the hat will assure you of the best possible fit.

By The Way…

Panama hats aren’t made in Panama. When the Panama Canal was being built, this was the most popular style of hat on the project. The name “Panama” thus became forever linked to these hand woven straw hats from Ecuador.




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