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Customer Service: (415) 397-4740
110 Sutter Street, Suite 108
San Francisco, CA 94104
Mon-Fri: 9:30am-6pm
Sat: 11am-5pm, Sun: closed



Tucked in the corner of Cable Car Clothier’s storefront is Nicky the Barber’s elegant, raconteur friendly barber shop. His humble workshop oozes atmosphere. From the huge choice of grooming products, vintage barbershop paraphernalia, and collection of postcards and photos of satisfied customers, you know you’re in good hands as soon as you sit down.


Over the years, Nicky Calvenese’s has worked with A-listers like Elvis Costello and Johnny Depp as well as styling the cast of Boardwalk Empire. His local clientele is a mix of young rogues, the city’s finest, bikers and butchers and those who are into smart, crisp, vintage cuts. There is no questioning Nick’s mastery nor his dedication to the craft of barbering. Mr. Calvenese is a treasure trove of grooming knowledge and is happy to share his experiences and adventures in the trade. And he is always quick with a smile and a good laugh.

Stop by Nicky’s place and take a load off. You’ll leave feeling clean and refreshed and a whole lot better looking. – PH.

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