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Tie and Scarf Care

  • Don’t leave the tie or scarf knotted, it ruins the shape.
  • Don’t slide knot out, undo it. Saves wear.
  • Don’t keep ties in drawer, hanging them eases out the wrinkles.
  • Don’t tuck in waistband, it causes fiber breaks.
  • Don’t tear loose threads, it may be slipstitch or hem.
  • Don’t use cologne or perfume on ties or scarves, it takes the color out.
  • Don’t press on face of ties or scarves, it will cause shine.
  • Don’t rub on stains, it bruises the fibers.
  • Don’t choke the knot, it twists the lining.
  • Clean ties and scarves periodically, don’t wait for stains.
  • Don’t use water on ties or scarves without testing for bleeding color.

How to care for your hat

  • When putting on a hat or adjusting it, handle it by the front and back brim, never by the crown.
  • Do not pick up a hat/fedora by the pinch; it will misshapen over time. A straw fedora will crack and a felt hat may split the seam.
  • Touch your hat with clean hands; oils from your hands may stain a light hat.
  • Always hang a hat. If no hook is available, store it by inverting it and placing it on its crown. Placing a hat on its brim may flatten or cause a hat to lose its curve, especially if wet.
  • Do not leave a hat in a car or in the sun as humidity may cause any hat material to lose shape, shrink or distort.
  • Hats of any material may be sensitive to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight causing colors to fade.
  • Brush your hat periodically with a soft brush.
  • Use a hat jack to keep the hat shape.
  • If you find a stain on your felt hat, use a hat cleaner. Be sure to try a small, inconspicuous area first.